Universal Middle School

The Universal Middle School Program (UMS) began in the fall 2012. The program is designed to meet the needs of high achieving and gifted students who want to pursue learning at a higher level, faster pace, or independently.

  • This unique program is designed for a specific population of students.
  • These students are gifted and talented or possess advanced intellectual abilities.
  • These students are autonomous in their learning while feeling disenfranchised by the traditional school system.
  • These students must be in the top 25% on achievement measures and have the desire to learn independently.

The UMS Program is individualized; based on the unique needs of each student. As students develop autonomous skills, they may choose to take core content in a different way. The UMS Program provides the opportunity to take courses independently, online, or at a different pace. In addition, they have the option of pursuing interest areas in more depth.

UMS strives to keep students moving toward their potential. The UMS Program allows students to be part of a school community while having access to alternative learning options not otherwise available to them. The UMS Program goal is to keep these students engaged in their education.

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