Forgot to Add Money to Your Student's Lunch Account? Student Forgot their Lunch?

Did You Forget to Add Money to Your Students Lunch Account? Did Your Student Forget their Lunch?

No worries!!

Eating healthy meals is an essential part of every Spartan's day. Did you know that every morning, except for late start days, every Sunset Middle School student is given a free, healthy breakfast provided by the cafeteria staff? This is part of the school's commitment that all students start the day with a healthy meal. We also know that in the rush to get to school in the morning, students can forget their lunches. Our policy at SMS (and throughout the St. Vrain School District) is to ensure that every student is provided a healthy lunch even in the event they forget their lunch or if they don't have money left on their lunch account. 

Did you know, the SMS commitment to supporting all families in our community extends beyond just meals? Any family needing assistance with school-related fees for sports or other activities is encouraged to reach out to me or Ms. Graziani, Assistant Principal, for a confidential conversation. The strength of our family is our unity and support for one another.