Thank you parents and guardians for sharing your children with all of us as they grow into young men and women. Today was a great start. If your student came home and didn’t share the same sentiment please let either the counselors or Ms. Olson and I know immediately, because we want everyone to have a great year.


Solar Eclipse permission slips were sent home with those students who have not turned them in yet. Please sign and turn in tomorrow. All slips need to be in by Thursday.


Many teachers are rockin’ and ready to jump into the year.  Some of the grades are handing out lockers tomorrow.  Your student will be coming home with a card to sign and should bring their supplies tomorrow.


We are easing into our new cell phone expectation. Students will have a few more days to adapt to being without their phones in their hand or on their person for a full 7 hours. We understand some students have their schedules on their phone, hopefully by Friday everything will be memorized and before you know it we’ll be well into the year.


This year’s theme with our Spartans will be: Celebration of Humanity. Throughout the year we will teaching, modeling, reinforcing and holding accountability around characteristics of Humanity. This week we are pushing “Gratitude”. Asking students to think about what they are grateful for, taking nothing for granted. Maybe they need to make right a wrong they had with a peer, being thankful for healthy relationships. Even thanking a teacher they never took the time to thank during a busy year. Anything you can do to help us drive this message at home will all contribute to our year Celebrating Humanity. GO SPARTANS!


Many Thanks!

Dr. Macy and Ms. Olson with the Sunset Staff