Fall Crawl Parent Information - 2018


One of the many fantastic things about Sunset Middle School is the fact that we have just one fundraiser per year. This event, the Fall Crawl, is entirely planned by Sunset volunteers and every cent raised goes directly to our school.  


I’m happy to announce that this year’s Fall Crawl will take place on October 5th In this fun, school-wide event, students walk (or run...or hop...or crawl...) as many laps as they can during a 25-minute period during the school day.  Students collect pledges from family and friends, and generous local businesses sponsor the event. Last year, the Fall Crawl raised $20,000 for a new scoreboard, new instruments and other important benefits for our school.


Please help make this event a huge success for our Spartans.  Here’s how:


  • We need community sponsorships! If you own a business or have other connections with potential sponsors, please help us build sponsorships. Community sponsors donate money and prizes, and are listed on our Fall Crawl t-shirt and other materials. For more information please see the sponsorship form included in this packet. Sponsorship deadline: Sept. 25.

  • Encourage students to collect pledges. Friends and family can pledge any amount per lap. For example, if someone sponsors your student for $1 per lap, and the student completes 25 laps, the student will collect $25.

  • Flat donations are great, too! Donors can pledge any amount of money, or donate online at RevTrak or in the Fall Crawl bucket in our front office. .

  • Volunteer. We need parents right away to help us organize. We also need help on the day of the Crawl. If you’d like to volunteer, please email Molly Smith at mollysmith2365@gmail.com


We’re all very excited about this year’s event and hope you’ll be a part of it. Last year, the event raised $20,000, paying for the new scoreboard in the gym, new instruments, grants for teacher projects, field trips, teacher attendance at the IB conference and the hugely popular Spring Dance. This year, we hope to raise even more, ensuring the best possible year for our Spartans.


Thank you for your help.




The Fall Crawl Committee