Walid Hamzi

Welcome Spartans! I’m Mr. Hamzi :)

… and… I teach many of you 6th Grade SCIENCE!!!! Some of my passions include; family and friends, experiencing new adventures, traveling & connecting with our planet, and hopefully opening young eyes to the beauty I see in this world and fostering a sense of wonder through our classes. I love to read, cook, run, hike, bike, ski, garden and just be outside as much as possible. When I have a moment to read about current events that are enjoyable, they usually relate to space and earth science. Oh yeah, and I’m a big superhero fan! I am starting my 6th year of teaching science at Sunset Middle School and am thrilled that I found such a wonderful community.

Our first science missions will focus on different organisms (plants, animals and more!), their environments (from the bottom of the deepest sea, to the top of the tallest mountain), and their amazing relationships! My class rules include; respect, honesty & kindness and I believe in living by example. Here is to a GREAT year Spartans!

P.s. Join our Team and become a Planetary Protector this year! Help Sunset lead our community in sustaining and protecting our planet for a bright future!

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