Frequently Asked Questions for Incoming 6th graders and Current Students... Or anything you could or would want to know about starting a new school yearJ.

When does school start for the year 2013-14?
All students at Sunset MS begin classes bright and early on Thursday, August 15th at 7:35 a.m.

When will we get our schedules?
Students may begin picking up schedules on Monday, August 12 through Wednesday, August 14 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the cafeteria. Incoming and new student tours are available by current Spartan students.

What if I didn’t get the classes I signed up for?
Remember that we have four quarters of elective options, so you may not have gotten your first choices in the first quarter but there are many more during the year. We worked extremely hard to make sure students received their top four choices during the course of the year, a year long elective or semester long class are considered number 1 choices.

I signed up for band, choir, orchestra or Spanish and it’s not on my schedule, what do I do?
Go to either the counselling office or main office once you pick up your schedule and we will fix the schedule so you don’t miss the first days of class.

How do I know what supplies I need?
For the first day of school bring only a pen/pencil and notebook. Supply lists are the same for all middle schools across the district. You can find the link on St. Vrain, or here on our website.

Will I need to buy a planner?
You will not need to buy a planner and you WILL need to buy a Sunset Planner with handbook inside when you pick up your schedules. Planners are $3.

When do we get our lockers?
During the first week of school your core one teachers will help you select your locker in a location close to that classroom. Everyone has their own individual locker, no one shares and definitely NO ONE gets anyone else’s combination or shares that information. Cards are attached to schedules and need to be signed then brought to your lab teachers.

Will my instrument fit in the locker?
We ask that all band and orchestra students drop off their instruments in the room prior to going to your locker.

Can I decorate my locker?
Students may decorate their locker, using magnets, appropriate pictures for school, and mirrors. No markers are allowed inside or outside of the new lockers.

Can I bring my cell phone, IPOD, MP3, or video game to school?
Electronics can be used during lunch, but not during class (unless a teacher has a reason for their lesson); students are solely responsible for anything they bring from home. Cell phones are allowed before and after school, also during lunch; however they are NOT to be used and must be turned off during class time.

How will I know where to catch my bus?
When students come in to pick up class schedules there are bus instructions, maps and explanations of the time and place students are picked up. If you have specific questions call transportation at: 303- 682-7228. If a student needs to ride a bus with a friend for whatever reason there is a form that needs to be filled out through transportation about a week in advance called: Space Availability Request Form. The school can not give permission, you must go through transportation. IBUS passes will be delivered after the first week of school.

I get a ride to school, how does drop off and pick up work?
If you are driving on Sunset heading north all traffic enters at the furthest south entrance into the parking lot. We ask all vehicles to move as far forward as possible along the curb. When leaving the parking lot you can go either north or south in the proper lane. If you are driving on Sunset heading south we have a small visitor lot on the first north entrance; however, busses have priority. The road must stay open and when busses are coming into school or leaving all traffic must stop. If you are using the visitor lot please ONLY park along the curb for student safety or if you are going to meet your student and walk them to the vehicle you may use any open spaces (other than handicap unless you have a permit). Be patient, drive very slowly, and please be courteous as cars are entering and leaving. The middle entry way is for staff members only and we ask no one drop off their students by parking in the staff lot, unless it is an exceptional situation.

What’s the earliest I can get into the building?
The lobby doors are typically unlocked by 6:30 a.m. All other doors into the school do not open until 7:25 a.m. For the safety of our school, teachers are next to door when unlocked at 7:25, all exterior doors are relocked at 7:33 except for the front doors.

What will I do about lunches?
On the first day of school you can either bring money for hot school lunch, or bring a sack lunch from home. Parents can put money on a students account by accessing www.stvrain.eatschoollunch.com all you need is your students 6 digit ID number (which you can get from our the schools administrative assistant). If you are an incoming 6th grade student your account rolls into Sunset MS from your elementary school.

Does Sunset serve breakfast?
Yes. Breakfast is served from 7:05 to 7:25. The cost is: $1.50 or subsidized through the free and/or reduced federal meal program.

If I’m a new student what happens if I get lost?
Teachers take the first few days of school to review all the details of the building, schedule and classes. In 6th grade teachers walk their classes from place to place for the first few days until students are comfortable. Any student can stop an adult at ANYTIME and ask for help.

What if I want to do sports after school?
Sunset has intramural sports programs for $55 each sport. Girls should sign up for Volleyball when they pick up schedules or during lunch the first week of school. The next sport in mid Oct. is Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Wrestling and then track. All programs are about 6 weeks in length and sign ups are during lunches. Contact Niwot Youth Sports or the City of Longmont for rec soccer and football. We do have a school soccer team.

Are there other things to do after school?
OH YES! We have an art club, drama club, geography club, cross country club in the fall, games club, dance club, yearbook,MESA. Most grades have after school help (ASH) clubs to help with homework and tutoring. All of the details and person(s) to contract for the various activities will be in the packets that are picked up when students get their schedules.

Do I have to get shots (immunizations) before school starts?
Yes. Students must have a Tdap before entering middle school. Immunization requirements for the 2009-10 school year are: 5/4 DTP,DTAP, DT; 1 TDAP; 4 POLIO; 2 MMR; 3 HEPATITIS B; 1 VARICELLA (or your child has had the disease) if a student receives their first Varicella shot after the age of 13, a second shot is required within 4-8 weeks.

What should I do if I see something before, during or after school that doesn’t seem right?
PLEASE let someone know; either your parents, Ms. Macy, Ms. Olson, a counselor, teacher or call SAFE 2TELL. The person reporting an incident is ALWAYS kept anonymous and their identities are never revealed by staff members.

Why is there a police car at the school sometimes?
Sunset MS and Altona MS share the services of an officer, from the City of Longmont. Officer Scott Pierce is our School Resource Officer (SRO). We work closely with Officer Pierce to make sure our school is always running smoothly and safe. Parents are also encouraged to contact him at any time with questions or concerns. He can be reached at 303-651-8555 and dispatch will get a message to him immediately.

What is the Parent Advisory Council (PAC)?
The PAC is the like the PTO, or any parent organization that works to help advise our school’s administration on what is best for our students and community. Sunset’s administration works closely with the PAC to communicate what is going on within our school, and to solicit ideas, advise and guidance about projects, technology, school achievement goals and/or anything that can make Sunset a better school. The PAC invites all parents to participate in whatever they are able to be involved.
There are monthly meetings and details of events on the PAC website that can be accessed through our Sunset Website Home page.
Sunset is excited to apply for the IBMYP (International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program) in November. Beginning in the fall of 2014 we will have 6th and 7th grade implementing the program.

Is Sunset an Open Enrollment school?
YES! As long as we have not reached capacity within a grade level we are happy to accept and welcome new students.

How do I get Spartan gear?
The Library houses all of our Spartan gear; you can pick up an order form either in the library or in the front office, order forms available at registration pickup.